Time Capsule Films

Each uniquely prepared Personal Documentary includes the following:


We work together planning and capturing your truly unique and timeless documentary.

Professionally filmed

Your interview is captured in one day, using HD video camera, microphones and lighting to ensure you look your best.

Seemless editing

Your interview footage and photographs are professionally combined with music and titles for the final product.

interview questions

No need to worry, we guide you through the interview with ease

DigitiSation of photographs

We will scan and convert up to 50 photographs on the day of the interview for use in the documentary - and for you to have as digital files.

Professional FIlm

Your final film will be delivered online and accessible via smartphone, computer, Smart TV and anywhere with internet connectivity. Alternatively, DVDs can be provided with menus and chapters, as well as personalised DVD cover.

Choose the perfect PACKAGE

All our packages can be tailored to your personal wishes, just ask us! We also offer documentaries for couples and pricing can be provided on request. 




Gift Certificates & Crowdfunding

Know someone who should tell their life story? Do you have a 70th, 80th or 90th birthday coming up? Is it someone's Golden Wedding Anniversary? A Time Capsule Films Gift Certificate is the most unique and thoughtful gift they will ever receive, and it's a gift that the entire family will also hold dear to their hearts. Contact us now to organise a Gift certificate or set up Crowdfunding for the whole family to chip in.

Frequently asked questions

We usually allow half a day for filming. This gives us time to arrive, set up cameras and prepare you. It gives you time to get used to the camera and eventually you’ll forget they’re even there and just get lost in your memories. We also need to allow time after the interview to scan your photographs.

This documentary is about you and your life so we want the filming location to reflect that. For this reason we come to your house and find a nice spot to film – perhaps a favourite chair, a quite spot in the garden or your nicest room! 

You will be filmed on the day so it is important to wear clothes that reflect who you are and will present you in a nice manner to future generations. We like to say “wear your Sunday best”. During filming it’s important to remove any background noises so we sometimes need to turn off the heating or cooling. For this reason we recommend you have a warmer or cooler clothing option available too.  

*Note –  it’s best to avoid any clothing with fine stripes as they can create some interlacing/glitching effects on the camera. 

All your photographs are scanned in your house, using a special mobile phone app. We go through the images together after the filming, with you explaining each image and us taking notes as we scan each one. This means that your precious photos never need to leave your side.

All digital files are supplied on a USB stick. This can be used to transfer the files to your own computer or hard drives, and also passed on to other family members, making multiple copies and ensure all video and photos are kept safe and preserved for future generations.

No. During our preparation we will ask some general questions about the progression of your life. We use these answers to put together an interview framework consisting of questions to guide you through on the day. We know that every story is different too, so if you would like to do research and lead the interview you’re welcome too, but we’ll be there to guide if that’s more your style. 

*Note – We will ask that you supply any important dates/locations such as birthdates of significant people in your life (parents, siblings, partners, children). This may be top of mind for some or may require some minor research for others. 

Our customer say

"My cousins and I organised a gift certificate for Grandpa and it was the best present we ever gave him."
"We all put in for Nana's Doco and then watched it together on Christmas Day. Nana and all the aunties were crying, it was so special."