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Create Your Own Family Heirloom - a Personal Documentary

A Time Capsule Film captures your life story and preserves it for generations to come. Let us help you tell your story, in your words by combining interview footage, photographs, music and graphics and turning them into a treasured keepsake for family and loved ones. Whatever your life story, it's legacy will only increase over time as memories that might have been lost remain easily available on DVD to be enjoyed time and again.

Gift Certificate

Capture family history for future generations

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wonder what my great grandfather was like?" Imagine if you could put on a DVD and listen to him tell his life story. Hear his voice, see the way he moved, his smile, his laugh, his clothes. Imagine if you had that window into the past? It may not be possible for you but why not give this extraordinary gift to your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and beyond. Let Time Capsule Films capture this lifetime so generations to come won't have to wonder.

A life story preserved for generations to come so they can understand where they came from. A great gift idea for a grandparent, parent, 60th, 70th, 80th or 90th birthday present. Also a great anniversary gift for a couple, allowing them to tell their life and love story together. Crowdfunding & Personalised Gift Certificates available, phone 0412 073 758 to start the conversation!

How we create your personal documentary?

Preserving your life story is easy and required very little effort or preparation from you. We speak with you before hand to get to know a bit about your life, and allow you to have input into the direction your Personal Documentary will take. We then book in a time to come and interview you, somewhere you feel comfortable, usually at home. The interview usually takes 1 - 3 hours. Before the interview, gathered up old photographs and other material you want included in your story so we can capture them on the day. We do our utmost to create a friendly relaxed atmosphere, where you feel comfortable to just have a 'chat', and forget you're being filmed. It couldn't be easier!

Time Capsule Films lovingly assembles footage, photographs, titles and music into an original and unique personal documentary. Your life story will be preserved forever on DVD and digital media format - and you will have enjoyed doing it!



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